Win App tricks and tips: Sort and tag

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If you are a casting director working on your own – or a casting assistant -, chances are that you have already used our friendly capture tool, the Filmit CMS Win App. This note is the first of a sporadic series of tricks and tips to make the most out of that handy tool that turns capturing audition data into a walk in the park.

Did you know that you can put your cast members into groups on the fly without changing the running order? Grouping by eye colour as shown above is not even a far fetched example: If eye colour matters for your casting, this arbitrary sorting gives you a quick visual check whether your eye colour tagging is correct.

Another example: If one of the agents asks for a higher than the briefed out rate for all his talent, you can combine sorting and group tagging to tag all talent of a specific agent with that higher rate within a second.

And of course categories: Quickly sort by category on the fly and you will pick up immediately if one of your cast members slipped into the wrong role by accident.

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