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“Your services were amazing! It’s very professional and so easy to use and makes presentation of casting an absolute dream so I would definitely try and make all my casting directors use this service going forward!”
Adam Thal · The Star Film Company, Johannesburg


“Now that’s called service! Thank you Harms!”
Renier Ridgeway · Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town


“DNA is a Los Angeles based production company and we brought a Kohl’s Department Store project to South Africa for several reasons, but mainly casting and of course the weather. The Kohl’s client shoots 5 very large campaigns every year around the world and has strong organizational demands. Casting is crucial. When I first received Filmit’s website with our initial casting, I was thrilled with the incredible clarity and ease of navigation. The director called me and had the same reaction, and better yet, the agency & clients had the same positive feedback. I have never had such a great response during pre-production and it was something that helped everyone relax and work through the job comfortably. Harms has set a new standard for the casting process and I hope to introduce Filmit to all casting directors I work with in all countries. On top of everything, Harms is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Jane Thomson · DNA, Los Angeles


“We use Filmit because quite simply, its so damned convenient. And it works!”
David Elton · Cinergy, Cape Town


“If you have a casting, little time and want to present a fast, user-friendly site, with exceptionally quick download and viewing times, then Harms is your man! Harms has always had a can do attitude and works through the night if necessary to get your presentation to your clients. In our industry time is always of the essence and he really goes above and beyond! Thank you Harms! It’s always a pleasure to work with you and having you as an invaluable support to our team.”
Nicci Brooker · Delicious Films, Cape Town


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